What we do

The main goal of Pyramid is to create and hold a space that promotes health, growth and sharing. That goal is accomplished either through our own practises, or through the wonderful creations of others. We offer courses, healing, accommodation and spaces for rent, as well as volunteering opportunities for those wanting to escape towards a sustainable life.



We hold a variety of courses throughout the year, including those run by David under the Chakra Yoga methodoloy, as well as courses run by our partners and friends from around the world. Click on the link below to find out more about our upcoming courses.


We host a variety of different healing options, depending on you and your needs. Starting with highly tailored, residential programs at Pyramid for immediate healing (seeking quick remissions), to individual sessions of an hour or more with one of our healers, we are sure to find a solution that works.

Space and Center Hire

Pyramid Yoga Center is a great place to host your training course, workshop or event. We can tailor our rental packages according to your needs whether you might be looking to run a workshop in a single studio over 2 hours, or host a full, 3-month residential teacher training course at Pyramid. 



Looking for somewhere unique yet affordable to live whilst in Koh Phangan? We rent our bungalows to people looking to stay on the island for 1 night or up to a few months or more. With many configurations and options from within our lush green setting, our accommodation might have the edge you're looking for.

Volunteer Program

Have some skills that you would like to share? Come and join our little community of sustainable thinkers and volunteer at Pyramid. Depending on the season, we offer you a chance to stay in the jungle and work in return for your accommodation. Lets share!