Pyramid Yoga Center is uniquely located in the centre of the jungle, in Koh Phangan's north west. Home to two large yoga studios (the Pyramids), a restaurant, sound temple and multiple bungalows - Pyramid Yoga is capable of hosting everything from daily yoga classes to large training courses spanning several months.


Extensive facilities

Pyramid Yoga Center is now more than 15 years old, hosts a array of facilities to suit any event, course or retreat. Home to two large, open-sided yoga studios, a fully functional restaurant, sound temple, multiple bungalows and more, Pyramid Yoga easily adapts to the slightest demands. 

Jungle Setting

Located in the heart of Thai jungle, Pyramid Yoga boasts clean air and nature in its most pristine state. The purity of the air is fundamental to the Pyramid philosophy in general health and wellbeing, that focuses primarily on our breathing. Multiple cancer patients who have quickly pushed their dis-eases into remission can attest to this simple fact.

Conscious Footprint

Our jungle setting and ancient philosophy drive a constant push towards sustainable business practices and minimising environmental footprints. Our volunteer program builds on the back of this, empowering volunteers to learn and develop the same with practical, hands-on experience.


The Pyramids


Pyramid Yoga is renowned for its structures: these giant pyramid shaped studios that host a multitude of events and courses year round. Inspired by pyramids around the world, discovered by David on his yogic journeys, they are both symbols of that homage but also powerful meditational tools towards higher states of being - the ancient civilisations obviously understood this quite well.


Pyramid I

Settled into the jungle at the north-eastern corner of the property, Pyramid I is our signature yoga and events studio. It features an open-air design with 360 degree views and locally sourced hardwood floors, which lend those inside a feeling of integration with the surrounding wilderness. The roof extends over 50 feet into the air, culminating with a skylight spire that filters sunlight into the space from above the jungle canopy. With capacity for well over 50 people, an excellent sound system, DJ booth, white board and projector screen, Pyramid I is the ideal venue to host any event from a yoga class to a spiritual lecture, sound journey or even a large-scale ecstatic dance.


Pyramid II

The younger sibling of Pyramid I, Pyramid II is located at the south-western side of the property. While it shares many features with Pyramid I, including an open-air design, skylight and secluded jungle ambience, it also boasts a spectacular westerly view of the ocean, making it an ideal setting for sunset. It has a capacity for over 30 people, beautifully patterned ceramic tile floors, a sound system and private washroom facilities in the basement. It is an exceptionally picturesque and intimate space, perfect any small to medium sized class or event.


Tree Tops Lounge


The Tree Tops Lounge is our on-site restaurant, open to the public and most active during our residential teacher training programs held twice per year.

The restaurant serves only fresh, vegetarian dishes using locally sourced organic products as much as possible. Our own jungle setting allows natural access to coconuts all year round, but the greater island produce allows fresh fruit and vegetables to be sourced year round. 


Ocean views

The restaurant is host to some of the best views on the property, right from your seat. Sit and look over Haad Salad beach or meditate in a hammock with the sounds of the jungle and a coffee.

Fresh, organic meals

Our restaurant is host to a changing menu, that follows the seasons and maintains focus on fresh organic food. We also do our best to make sure that the price point is fair, delivering high quality food, but at value for your hard-earned money.

Chilled atmosphere

There is no need to be in any sort of rush once you've stepped inside the lounge. Chill out in a hammock with the free wifi, grab a chai tea and a book. Let the stress blow away in the wind. 


Jungle Bungalows


Multiple bungalows for long and short term rental.

We have multiple bungalows on site, regardless of how long you're intending to stay on the island. The accommodation options are particularly important for the long courses, such as the teacher trainings, allowing students to stay on-site where basically all of their needs are taken care of. Yet we are always looking to rent to the many incoming travellers to Koh Phangan, for both long and short term stays. You can check out our accommodation prices through the link below:

The Sound Temple


The Sound Temple is our special meeting place to let sounds, modern and ancient, come together. Purposely built to resonate and empower yogic chanting techniques (i.e Mantra yoga, taught by David in the teacher training courses), while also being the base for Sound Journeys and research in frequency and vibration. The Sound Temple also hosts many bhajans, ceremonies, kirtans and more.


 Located at the northern side of the property, the Sound Dome is a truly unique and private venue with outstanding acoustics. Its conical structure and thick earthen walls are designed to amplify and harmonize the sounds from within, making it an ideal setting for any sound or music oriented gatherings. With capacity for over 30 people, it features a sound system and a range of lighting options, allowing you to tailor the inner ambience for any occasion. Whether you're planning kirtan, a sound journey or a small concert, the Sound Dome offers an experience beyond compare.


Spaces available for rent and event hosting


Do you need more information?


If you want more information, please use the contact form from the link below. We are happy to receive inquiries on any matter relevant to you, from healing related questions to space rental for the pyramids, or accomodation.