Pyramid yoga centre

Uniquely located in the heart of the Thai jungle, in Koh Phangan's north west, Pyramid Yoga is a family run center that boasts clean air and nature in its most pristine state. Home to two large yoga studios (the Pyramids), a restaurant, sound temple and multiple bungalows - Pyramid Yoga is capable of hosting everything from daily yoga classes to large training courses spanning several months.


Pyramid Yoga Studios

Pyramid Yoga is renowned for its structures: these giant pyramid shaped studios that host a multitude of events and courses year round. Inspired by pyramids around the world, discovered by David on his yogic journeys, they are both symbols of that homage but also powerful meditational tools towards higher states of being



Here at Pyramid Yoga we have a number of accommodation options to suit your budget and needs which are available to rent short-term and long-term whether you are studying at Pyramid or simply enjoying this side of Koh Phangan.


Our jungle setting and ancient philosophy drive a constant push towards sustainable business practices and minimising environmental footprints. Our volunteer program builds on the back of this, empowering volunteers to learn and develop the same with practical, hands-on experience.


A commitment to community, sustainability & growth... Sharing value through mutual cooperation. Monitoring our footprint through conscious decisions. Discovering true potential.


Sound Temple

The Sound Temple is our special meeting place to let sounds, modern and ancient, come together. Purposely built to resonate and empower yogic chanting techniques (i.e Mantra yoga, taught by David in the teacher training courses), while also being the base for Sound Journeys and research in frequency and vibration. The Sound Temple also hosts many bhajans, ceremonies, kirtans and more.


Pyramid Restaurant

Our restaurant is host to a changing menu, that follows the seasons and maintains focus on fresh organic food. We also do our best to make sure that the price point is fair, delivering high quality food, but at value for your hard-earned money.


Ecstatic Dance Every Wednesday & Sunday 11am-2pm

Ecstatic Dance is an event that encourages free expression through movement, where we- the collective - can discover something meaningful; connecting intimately with ourselves, and with each other.

Do you need more information?

If you want more information, please use the contact form from the link below. We are happy to receive inquiries on any matter relevant to you, from healing related questions to space rental for the pyramids, or accomodation.