The Art of Breathing with Pranayama Yoga 

Pyramid yoga center presents you with an informational workshop on what is loosely called breathwork in popular or modern terms.

The science of yoga has been the container of a wide range of “breathwork” techniques for thousands of years. Over the centuries of accumulating experiences, a whole system of breathing has been developed, from the basics of ‘how’ to breathe correctly, to 108 methods of breathing to achieve optimum health and higher levels of consciousness. With Pranayama Yoga comes a step by step system to develop peak performance health at the physical level, and a stairway to higher consciousness that includes all the medicine induced states – using only your own brain chemistry.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The physiology of breathing

  • How the lungs work.

  • The heart-lung connection.

  • What is cardiovascular health and its importance.

  • The chemistry of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbohydrate metabolism.

  • The practical side,  the Practices to create optimal health in preparation for the goal of yoga: to achieve higher states of consciousness.

The teacher for this course has been practicing pranayama yoga, along with 8 other forms of yoga, for 50 years. He originally studied the science of breath with Dr. Swami Gitananda in India in 1971-72.

The one-day workshop will be on Monday 18th March from 10am-5pm at the Pyramid Yoga Center, in Pyramid 2 for a fee of 2000 baht. This includes a light lunch.

Please register either online or by visiting reception at Pyramid or email

It is the first in a series of workshops in the continuing education of yoga.

The next workshop will be:  Yoga  &  Higher Consciousness
Following that will be:  Chakra Yoga and Human Empowerment
After which: one day workshops on each of the chakras
Then workshops on the 9 forms of yoga, 9 workshops.