Outbound Teaching with David

Now that the Pyramid Yoga Center has more than 500 graduate teachers around the world, David is receiving invitations to go teach about the chakras in a few different locations globally. The format for many of these teachings remains centered on the chakras, since David's presentation of the energy wheels matches what is being re-discovered in modern Quantum Physics.

The workshops and retreats hosted outside of the Pyramid grounds are mostly by invitation, from previous students who are now teaching in various places, some of whom have their own schools or centers. The purpose remains the same message: bringing information about the Chakra System to the people of the world.

"I am just the messenger who found a treasure of chakra knowledge in ancient India in1971."   
- David

South Africa in May

Contributing to a TTC held at HOHM Yoga

Run by Simmi Fink, one of Davids students, David will be contributing to the TTC held in South Africa, bringing his extensive years of knowledge on chakras to the course.


Topics likely covered will be:

  • Chemistry of a cell, and of 50 trillion cells.

  • Oxygen and basic breathing capacity.

  • How to increase lung capacity, methods and techniques.

  • Increasing our ability to absorb oxygen in the bloodstream.

  • Boosting circulation for better distribution to the cells, while slowing down the heart rate.

  • Basic principles and techniques in mind/body medicine.

Prana, Akasha; quantum fields ans electromagnetic energy. Neuro science and quantum biology. An updated view.

Dharana: the art of contemplation, the four directions of mind and the four sides of the pyramid.

Ancient Egypt and Nefartitti: what did the old civilization know about yoga, chakras, breathing and the serpent Kundalini?

Keep posted about upcoming outbound courses or contact us to find out when the next one will be