The Pyramids

Pyramid Yoga is renowned for its structures: these giant pyramid shaped studios that host a multitude of events and courses year round. Inspired by pyramids around the world, discovered by David on his yogic journeys, they are both symbols of that homage but also powerful meditational tools towards higher states of being - the ancient civilisations obviously understood this quite well.


Pyramid 1

Settled into the jungle at the north-eastern corner of the property, Pyramid I is our signature yoga and events studio.

It features an open-air design with 360 degree views and locally sourced hardwood floors, which lend those inside a feeling of integration with the surrounding wilderness. The roof extends over 50 feet into the air, culminating with a skylight spire that filters sunlight into the space from above the jungle canopy.

With capacity for well over 50 people, an excellent sound system, DJ booth, white board and projector screen, Pyramid I is the ideal venue to host any event from a yoga class to a spiritual lecture, sound journey or even a large-scale ecstatic dance.

Pyramid 2

The younger sibling of Pyramid I, Pyramid II is located at the south-western side of the property. While it shares many features with Pyramid I, including an open-air design, skylight and secluded jungle ambience, it also boasts a spectacular westerly view of the ocean, making it an ideal setting for sunset.

It has a capacity for over 30 people, beautifully patterned ceramic tile floors, a sound system and private washroom facilities in the basement. It is an exceptionally picturesque and intimate space, perfect any small to medium sized class or event.