Immuno-Health Upgrade

Designed after successful programs which have pushed cancer into remission since 1978, this program has shown itself effective in healing most degenerative dis-eases.


For those whose immune response system has lowered to the point of allowing the onset of degenerative dis-eases, here is an intensive program designed to turn the situation around - rejuvenating your body and mind to a healthy state. Originally called the Cancer Remission Program, it has been proven effective in putting terminal cancer into remission time and time again.

In experiencing this program you will come to an understanding of the interaction and connection between mind and body as it relates to many illnesses. The teachings from this program will show you how to rejuvenate your immune system, how to eliminate existing health issues and prevent future problems.

This program immerses you into a very healthy environment, with a trained therapist guiding you through the process of dissolving your dis-ease. No one does it for you; rather, you are taught how to do the healing using your body's own auto-immune system. Ultimately, you will feel empowered by an exciting new outlook of what is really happening within you and how you can be in charge of your own life and health.

By utilizing methods and techniques which have been successfully applied and tested over decades, we teach you how to bring your immune system back to life. Some of these include:

  • The 'Ekadasi' breathing method (a technique of pranayama yoga)

  • Hatha yoga asanas and exercises designed to stimulate the thymus gland and lymphatic system

  • Daily massage

  • Emotional release work to uncover some of the causes of disease

  • Diet and herbs for detoxification

  • Education in thought patterns and related disease symptoms

  • Daily psychological counseling with constant supervision

  • Quantum Sound Therapy

  • Light and Color Therapy

  • Techniques in energy control and glandular stimulation

  • Yoga chiketsa massage therapy

Breathing techniques of pranayama yoga have long been known by the ancients to assist with dis-ease control and emotional stability. The Ekadasi method of breathing takes you through progressively longer session of breathing each day, constantly raising your oxygen level. This is followed by another technique for calming and balancing your nervous system to maintain the equilibrium of your body and mind.

Additionally, the health benefits you can gain by combining deep breathing techniques with the hatha yoga postures and movements are numerous. By breathing more fully and improving circulation we can greatly improve our general health, immune system and vitality. In our modern sedentary lifestyle it has become normal for people to use only 1/10th of their lung capacity. As a result, most people are usually operating at an oxygen deficient level. It is now a well-established fact, stated by prominent physicians that this lack of oxygen is a major cause of dis-ease. In fact, this has long been known but never publicized by the medical associations because oxygen is a non-profit commodity.

"Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body's cells by an anaerobic (i.e. oxygen deficient) cell respiration."

Dr. Otto Warburg -- two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research, and 38 nominations  (in the 1930's).

"In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state. Low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease. Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease."

Dr. Stephen Levine -- Renowned Molecular Biologist and Author.

When we add to this: stress, pollution, unhealthy diet, poor drinking water and lack of exercise, we can easily see how it will result in the creation of ill health. We eliminate these negative influences during the course.

The practice of yoga: breathing, movement and meditation, has many immediate health benefits such as: 

  • Deep breathing dramatically increases our absorption of oxygen and our elimination of the waste gas, carbon dioxide

  • Movement and posture stimulates blood circulation so that the oxygen and other important nutrients are distributed throughout the body more efficiently and much faster (as mush as twenty times faster according to the medical research of Jipmer Medical Research Center in South India)

  • Movement is the primary means to circulate and utilize our lymphatic system, and therefore activate white blood cells and our entire immune system.

In essence this breathing technique pushes energy through all areas of your nervous system and brain so that your whole mind (both conscious and sub-conscious), reviews your life's events, releasing past negative thought patterns and emotions to create room for more healthy inspirations. At the same time, your body is stimulated to rejuvenate because of the oxygen. Add to this: Quantum Sound Therapy, a high tech method for adjusting the frequency of cellular and molecular vibration to a state of harmony.

The innovator of this program is Yoga Master David Goulet. He has spent 47 years practicing yoga and has researched its theory and technique in India, Egypt and Central America.

Originally pursuing his studies in India for two years with Dr. Swami Gitananda, he learned the concept of rejuvenating the body through the Science of Yoga - with a good diet, breathing techniques, postures, movement, sound and visualization, he discovered that the body and mind could be re-formulated back to a healthy and happy state. Swami Gitananda repeated many times that there was no such thing as an incurable dis-ease; and, 97% of all dis-ease is psychosomatic. Years later in Egypt he discovered the importance of sound as a control factor in the energy world of the Chakras. From the information gathered on that spiritual adventure he began experimenting more with technology and sound as a means of inducing higher states of mind, and healing from that state.

This program has been successful in reversing cancer to the state doctors call "spontaneous remission" in a dozen cases (each time within a one month period!) - documented and checked with CT scans and other high tech analysis, the client leaves with confidence in his/her health.  Cases dealt with include breast cancer, terminal lung cancer,  brain tumors and ovarian cancer. Other dis-eases include MS, heart disease, asthma and bronchial conditions, Parkinson's disease, and other conditions. In all cases it is the clients who must perform the exercises, breathing and follow the dietary restrictions with full cooperation. The patients are taught how to heal themselves, then they also know how to maintain their health in the long term.

As cases varies, we encourage you to contact us directly about your conditions so we can better assess the situation and provide you with the best options tailored to your need.

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