Discover your chakras

The chakras are universal energy vortexes connected in to our body's nervous system. These forces govern the physical, mental and energetic aspects of our being. You can experience the energies directly through our 4 week immersion course.

Each of the chakras resonates with a particular energy of the universe. They give us a bridge to work on ourselves, such as on our physical bodies (e.g. through hatha yoga), emotions, energetics, mental health and more. By working with the chakras, we can influence and ultimately gain control over the quality of our lives.

Our immersion course is a guided journey through which you to recognize, experience and come to understand these energies, and how they influence your life. 

You will learn how to perceive yourself at an energetic vibrational level, while learning to control the frequency of that vibration. Ultimately, you regain control over your reality...

In philosophical terms, by experiencing and knowing the subtle energies of the universe, we can merge with them and guide them into what we want to manifest. Whilst this may sound like we are talking out of this universe already, Chakra Yoga is designed for just this.

Each week we investigate new chakra energies, for which they are all connected with a particular element in nature. The first five chakras connect with the elements you are quite familiar with: earth, water, fire, wind and ether. The next, more subtle chakras connect with the elements of mind, consciousness itself, and then the planetary and solar energies. To help you grasp the concepts, take a look at what you might expect as you journey through the weeks:

Week 1 - Chakras 1 & 2


Earth: Diving into the forces of gravity by opening awareness at the most solid aspects of the physical body. Activating the muscle and skeletal systems through strengthening asanas and adventures in nature. Connecting Earth and the physical body, and really feeling your feet on the ground.

Gaining intellectual understanding of the science behind our root chakra, the Earth element within.

Water: Channeling the covalent & cohesive forces, exploring flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to move with fluidity through dance and immersion into the sensuality of flowing water. Observing our relationship patterns and how social situations influence our body, mind and soul identity.

Gaining intellectual understanding of the science behind our social chakra, and how this energy cultivates different roles of the personality, and allows us to share energy, emotions, and ideas.

Week 2 - Chakras 3 & 4


Fire: Feeling the power of transformation, cultivating ideas and manifestation. Empowering the mind and body through heat of the fire energy. Learning to control your energy with breath, connecting to your creative abilities. Working with the energy of the sun, enabling yourself to see clearly in the manifest world, here and now, and clarifying your path of purpose.

This week will be the start of a transformational breath technique, bringing yourself to relive emotional and physical experiences from your whole life until now. Seeing clearly, empowering yourself to connect the dots and erase destructive patterns.

Gaining intellectual understanding of the science behind our chakra of transformation, breaking molecules apart and using that energy on a bodily level as in the digestive system, and on a mental level as in the powerful change of behaviour patterns.

Air: Expansion – of the heart, of the body. Filling yourself with air, letting yourself breathe into your heart. Liberating all of you. Feeling the purification of the heart, connecting deeper with your inner teacher, your intuition. Learn to listen to your feeling, experience the joy of acting from a pure and innocent heart space to study the law of cause and effect.

Gaining intellectual understanding of the science behind our heart chakra – Anahata. Our centre of healing and inner wisdom, pushing molecules apart from one another to expand into health and love.

Week 3 - Chakras 5 & 6


Ether: Finding yourself in the midst of vibration the electromagnetic ocean of the universe is made of. Discovering the infinite possibilities that lie within everyone of us, using our voice to feel the vibrations of your being. Learning to connect to the power of your voice, your inner truth and wisdom. Working with the energy of infinite space and wisdom, enabling you to enter the realm of deep inner knowledge.

Gaining intellectual understanding of our chakra of communication, truth and knowledge, delivered through the waves of the electromagnetic ocean. Working with the thyroid and parathyroid glands on a physical level and requiring yourself to only speak words of full truth.

Mind: Merging intellect and intuition into one – exploring the power of the mind. Leading us to understand sacred geometry – the energetic structure of the universe – amplified in designing mandalas to develop inner vision and connect to the structure of mind, energy and time. Analysing the predominant energies embodied in yourself based on the sacred numbers measured from the date you were born.

Gaining intellectual understanding of how our Third Eye operates. Consciously directing our body and brain chemistry according to our beliefs and expectations. The mind element as our command center where we make decisions, govern our thoughts, actions and feelings.

Week 4 - Chakras 7, 8 & 9

Chakras 7, 8 & 9 are located out of our physical body and operate as a trinity of consciousness.


Consciousness: Our Chakra of Consciousness is based just above the crown of our heads. It is where we allow consciousness to enter our body, receiving the wisdom of the universe. Integrating mantra yoga to raise our states of consciousness and diving into the wisdom of the universe to feel the essence of what sound is as vibration and how it affects certain areas of body and mind.

Gaining intellectual understanding of the concepts of consciousness and awareness as the constant, ever-present essence of our being.

Planetary Energy: Being connected to our receptive side, the eighth chakra is located just outside of our left ear, connecting us to the planets, to the energetic reflection of the sun energy. Practices of Laya Yoga are based on working with uniting our energy centers into one, merging sun and moon, male and female aspects to establish feelings of wholeness and love, being connected to higher truth.

Gaining intellectual understanding of our center that is connected to the planetary system, learn about astronomy, astrology and discover how we are part of the bigger picture.

Sun Energy/ Galaxy: Experiencing energy itself, the primal source of life is what where we connect to our devotion. Allowing us to see that the universe is unfolding in intelligence, purpose and beauty. Allowing ourselves to enter the realm of oneness. Feeling one with yourself, one with others and the universe.

Through developing awareness of universal oneness, we arrive at the realisation that we are all part of one infinite energy field, that vibrates at the frequency of unconditional universal love.

Knowing that we are all one, there is no such thing as separation.

The galaxy being a constellation of all radiating stars. The radiation is an outward directed, self-sufficient energy, nourishing all other planets.


Each day a similar schedule, but a different approach to understand the energies of the particular chakras.

The chakra energies are not only felt or expressed through 'yogic' activities. They infiltrate all parts of our life, and this training is has been designed for you to understand this fundamental reality. For example, our second chakra is our social centre, energetically responsible for our interactions with and perceptions of others. It's our relationship chakra, but also our pleasure chakra. Dance for example allows us to work with the energy of the 2nd chakra directly (the water chakra: think about qualities of water, such as flowing, flexible, takes the shape of it's container), so that we can understand how this energy influences our lives and how to empower or change who we are. 

Our intensive course therefore needs to show you how the chakras influence your life in general, not just on a yoga mat. For this reason we have many activities and techniques that will remove us from the studio and hopefully implant a knowledge that will let you gain control over more of your life. The chakras are our bridge from the physical world you may have only known until now to the energetic and subtler realms beyond our initial perception. The power to take control is literally in you.

Here is a typical day for you to think about:

5:00 am or earlier - conscious observation of how the mind begins

6:00am - 6:30am – Meditation

6:30am - 8:00am – Hatha Yoga

8:00am - 9:30am – Breakfast

9:30am - 11:30am – Muladhara lecture followed by focused breathing techniques

11:30am - 3:00pm – Lunch and leisure processing time

3:00pm - 4:30pm – Exercise e.g. Hike and Meditation e.g. Channeling chakra energies (i.e. Grounding Meditation, Dance)

Evening – Mindful Walking /Silent Meal/ Documentary

Later evening - The Power mantras with visual concentration techniques for each chakra.


Whilst each day will follow a similar schedule, each day won't be the same. The above sample day would be early in the first week, where the 1st chakra, Muladhara is our point of focus. As all of the chakras have different energies, the activities will constantly be evolving:

Your cosmic guides

Guiding you through the quantum universe are our Chakra Yoga teacher trainers Jessa and Annika, as well as David Goulet instructing the finer points from his 5 decades of personal study.

Jessa Christo

First having spent a number of years practising yoga around the world, Jessa , a recent graduate of Chakra Yoga, comes to you with experience of the chakra energies through previous studies with Jenika in Guatemala, (another past graduate of Chakra Yoga) while adding traditional plant medicines of the indigenous cultures of the Amazon.


Annika Rech

Annika is a true spiritual adventurer, with a sincere love for all, and an open heart chakra that you will fully appreciate in her presence. Annika recently completed the Chakra Yoga training; now flows with her intuition in which the subtle energies of the universe freely express themselves through her.


David Goulet

Needing little introduction, David is the founder of Pyramid Yoga and the principle teacher within the school. David will host a number of classes in which he leads us through the inner experience of the chakra dimension, and is there to explain the finer details of the chakras.

Great, natural options for food and accommodation

Come and spend a month in the Thai Jungle of beautiful Koh Phangan. Surround yourself with pure air, clean food and sunsets to die for.

The best part of all, is that you get to immerse yourself not only into the energies of the chakras, but also the purity of nature. Pyramid Yoga is based high up on the top of an ocean facing jungle-grown mountain, with spectacular sounds, sights and smells literally within reach. You have full use of our spaces, including the two pyramid-shaped yoga studios, our sound temple, the restaurant and the jungle itself. We also host external events, so feel free to simply walk up to the big Pyramid for a weekly ecstatic dance, or perhaps sing along with the Kirtans. Our place is your place.

Jungle Bungalows

Our jungle bungalows come in a few different shapes and sizes according to your needs and preferences. Hot or cold water, as well as one bungalow with a kitchen should you prefer to do all your own cooking.

We have some bungalows facing the forest interior, and others facing out to the ocean like you see below.

Fresh Food

Our restaurant, called The Third-eye Lounge, only cooks fresh meals (both Thai and from abroad), without the typical additions you find in Thailand of MSG and sugar in many dishes. You will have a budget to spend on meals in our restaurant which will take care of much of your daily hassle. Simply relax with fresh food, fresh vibes and fresh air!

100% Nature

Chakra Yoga is focused primarily on the breath as the first point of call in health and wellbeing. Fortunately we are surrounded by mother natures finest here in the jungle. Come prepared to meet a couple of mosquitos and some early mornings thanks to the cicadas, but its all part of the fun. 

Fresh abundant fruit is one of Thailands gifts to enjoy.

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