Create your Own health

The chakras are universal energy vortexes connected into our body's nervous system. From there they plug in to various glands and organs, empower them to function up to a level of peak performance.

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Empower, Transform, Awaken

4th June,  2018 – 30th June, 2018

Pyramid Yoga Center – Ko Phangan, Thailand

As you learn how to feel yourself at an energetic vibrational level, you learn to control the frequency of that vibration. Ultimately, you regain control over your body functions and subsequently your health.

What to expect?  

The purpose is to awaken and empower the natural abilities we have to heal ourselves.

The big difference between western medicine and yoga healing lies in the fact that the medical approach fixes up a problem temporarily and waits for the next one to come up, while the yoga method empowers your immune system to take care of all problems, present and future. There is a big difference between patching up a problem and living a life without disease - yoga gives you the life with no health issues.

·       But western medicine is so easy, just take this pill, or lie down – we cut out the problem.

o   With yoga you need to move and breathe, also be more mindful of your diet - effort is required.

·       Western medicine has thousands of complications and side effects that harm you.

o   Side effects with yoga are better health all around and happier state of mind.

·       Medical means medicine, which can be costly.

o   In yoga your food is your medicine; same price as eating, which you do anyway.


The fundamentals of creating and maintaining health through yoga are through relatively simple movements practiced with breath,  not the ‘challenging’ and 'advanced' aspects of yoga that you see advertised in teacher training photos and social media. This retreat shows you how to apply rejuvenating techniques to various body organs and glands to re-create health throughout your being. During this process, emotions are brought to a feeling of happiness and the mind is relieved of stress to become calm and centered.


At Pyramid Yoga we show you that health and healing is entirely under your control. Our bodies have all the intelligence and resources to take you from a single pair of cells to the incredible symphony of more than 50 trillion cells you experience today. Our body's immune system is designed with specialized cells
that destroy invading bacteria, and malignant cells.
Chakra Yoga empowers that process

You will learn the theory and techniques that puts your health into your own hands. You will come to understand breathing and the wider role of oxygen in our bodies, asanas and movement to increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, the role of endocrine glands how to regain their full functionality and cooperation, as well as much more. All this is delivered through the ancient science of yoga studied and researched in David's 5 decades of study.


What is included?

o   2 asana practices per day (morning practice with Dave and afternoon practice with Ti)

o   Daily meditation

o   Daily lectures and discussions on how a healthy body functions

o   Daily pranayama with one-on-one assistance to ensure you are breathing properly

o   Ekadasi - a breathing technique which goes deeply into the layers of the subconscious to clear out energy blockages which disturb healthy functions

o   Detox program

o   4 Quantum Light and Sound Healing Sessions

o   Private Psych-K session with Ti to reprogram your subconscious mind

o   Group discussion circles

o   Conscious movie nights

o   2, 60min Thai massages on site

o   Use of sound temple

o   2 group dinners

o   2 group outings

o   Entry to ecstatic dance every Sunday

o   Entry to kirtan every Sunday

o   Filtered drinking water

o   Wi-Fi

Being in an outdoor environment, close to the earth, barefoot in the sand, is a natural way to let go of your stress and help the whole body get back into a healthy flow.


This health related course shows you how the chakras influence every aspect of your life and how they are the fundamental energy sources for glands and organs that keep us alive.

Here is a typical day for you to think about:

Daily schedule

5 day schedule – Monday to Friday

7:00am – 08:30am       Morning asana practice and meditation with Dave

09:30am – 11:00am      Lecture and pranayama

03:30pm – 05:00pm    Afternoon asana practice and meditation with Ti

06:30pm – 08:00pm    Conscious movie night, group discussion/chanting

Whilst each day will follow a similar schedule, each day won't be the same.

Your Health guides

Guiding you through the inner realms of the body are Ti Lee, as well as David Goulet instructing the finer points from his 5 decades of working with Health.


Ti Lee

A practicing teacher from Melbourne Australia, Ti has been teaching 15 classes a week for the last few of years and now having discovered the power of Chakra Yoga in healing, has been studying  and working closey with David in healing programs, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. Drawn to the healing side of yoga and with a very compassionate heart for her students, Ti is motivated to help people find a healthy life for themselves.


Utilizing the waves of possibilities which are now known to exist in Quantum Physics, the reality we live in can be changed in what might seem to be 'miraculous' ways. But if you study these ways and these waves it becomes natural empowerment; which we then apply to our immune system.



David Goulet

Needing little introduction, David is the founder of Pyramid Yoga and the principle teacher within the school. David will explain how the body works in simple layman's terms from the physiology to body chemistry. Then teach how to improve the performance of body systems through simple exercises and breathing techniques, while removing mental and emotional blockages that inhibit the normal healthy functions.

Great, natural options for food and accommodation

Come and spend a month in the Thai Jungle of beautiful Koh Phangan. Surround yourself with pure air, clean food and sunsets to die for.

The best part of all, is that you get to immerse yourself not only into the energies of the chakras, but also the purity of nature. Pyramid Yoga is based high up on the top of an ocean facing jungle-grown mountain, with spectacular sounds, sights and smells literally within reach. You have full use of our spaces, including the two pyramid-shaped yoga studios, our sound temple, the restaurant and the jungle itself. We also host external events, so feel free to simply walk up to the big Pyramid for a weekly ecstatic dance, or perhaps sing along with the Kirtans. Our place is your place.

Jungle Bungalows

Our jungle bungalows come in a few different shapes and sizes according to your needs and preferences. Hot or cold water, as well as one bungalow with a kitchen should you prefer to do all your own cooking.

We have some bungalows facing the forest interior, and others facing out to the ocean like you see below.

Fresh Food

Our restaurant, called The Third-eye Lounge, only cooks fresh meals (both Thai and from abroad), without the typical additions you find in Thailand of MSG and sugar in many dishes. You will have a budget to spend on meals in our restaurant which will take care of much of your daily hassle. Simply relax with fresh food, fresh vibes and fresh air!

100% Nature

Chakra Yoga is focused primarily on the breath as the first point of call in health and wellbeing. Fortunately we are surrounded by mother natures finest here in the jungle. Come prepared to meet a couple of mosquitos and some early mornings thanks to the cicadas, but its all part of the fun. 

Fresh abundant fruit is one of Thailands gifts to enjoy.

Next Course: June 4th - 30th, 2018

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