4 Week Chakra Yoga Immersion

Dive deep into the Chakras, with our 4 week immersion into the universal energies. You will experience the energies themselves, through multiple forms of yoga learnt by David over his 5 decades of study.

July 2017


Pyramid Yoga is a yoga training and healing center, located on the beautiful Thai Island of Koh Phangan. The center was created in 2002, and still run by David Goulet; the inspired yogi that has spent almost 5 decades in deep study of the ancient Indian techniques he originally discovered in the early 70's.

What do we do?

Pyramid Yoga Center serves two very important causes. David's extensive knowledge of yoga and the human condition has been developed over almost 5 decades of study and experience, where he now applies it to radically heal patients as well as empower the next generation of yogis.

For roughly 20 years, David has been teaching students to carry on his knowledge and expertise, whether they carry on a legacy of healing, self practice or teaching others. For around 45 years however, David has been applying his ancient knowledge towards healing, with multiple cases of pushing cancer and other 'terminal' illnesses into remission.

Listen to David explain his technique with an introduction to Pyramid Yoga Center. 


Teacher Training Courses

Next course: Sept 2017

Reflecting the traditional teachings of the Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Chakra Yoga System has been taught by David since 1997. This is a unique and comprehensive Teacher Training program with a specific focus on the Chakras....

Heal yourself. Educate yourself.

Pyramid Yoga hosts a variety of courses and personalised healing solutions for you to learn to integrate this ancient knowledge into your modern life. Whether you are looking to heal yourself from disease, educate (or re-educate yourself) on the fundamentals of our mind and bodies through a course, or to simply breathe the pure jungle air and take some time out for yourself, we have it here.

Our Immuno-health program has been designed for just this, especially when you have been told that time is running out. This program involves David and our healers personally guiding you hack to full health with immediate priority. Find out more:

About David

Since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972, David has continued his personal and professional pursuit of the yogic lifestyle as an international Yoga Teacher, Healer and Founder of numerous Retreat Centers.....

Healing at Pyramid

David has many years of experience and success treating disease, with multiple cases of sending 'terminal' patients back into remission. Traditionally at Pyramid we have had much success treating cancer, but the programs have proven effective on a host of different ailments...

Live in the jungle

We offer a variety of lodging options, including dorm-style beds, outdoor gazebos, single ensuite bungalows, and a large kitchenette bungalow with ensuite bathroom.....


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