Empower, Transform, Awaken
3rd – 21st June, 2019
Pyramid Yoga Center – Koh Phangan, Thailand


What to expect?  

The purpose of this 3 week course is to awaken and empower the natural abilities we have to heal ourselves.

Come and transform your life with us for 3 weeks in the beautiful jungle that is the Pyramid Yoga Center. You will be guided into the energetic world of the chakras and learn that health and healing is entirely under your control. You will come to understand how important it is to breathe properly and the wider role of oxygen in our bodies as we practice pranayama, asanas and movement to empower your body to function at a level of peak performance.

Being away from the commitments and responsibilities of your normal life, you will have the time and freedom to dive deeper into the practice of swadhyaya (self-inquiry) and realize the intelligence of your mind/body connection.

Based on the ancient science of yoga and the chakras, this retreat will empower you to become independently healthy for as long as you decide to continue the maintenance techniques. Our Healing and Education Program has been designed after decades of success with healing by yogic methods and reformatting belief systems.

The fundamentals of creating and maintaining health through yoga are through relatively simple movements practiced with breath,  not the ‘challenging’ and 'advanced' aspects of yoga that you might see advertised in teacher training photos and social media. This retreat shows you how to apply rejuvenating techniques to various body organs and glands to re-create health throughout your being. During this process, emotions are brought to a feeling of happiness and the mind is relieved of stress so it can become calm and centered.

Our bodies have all the intelligence and resources to take you from a single pair of cells to the incredible symphony of more than 50 trillion cells you experience today. Our body's immune system is designed with specialized cells that destroy invading bacteria and malignant cells. Chakra Yoga empowers that process.

You will learn the theory and techniques that puts your health into your own hands. You will come to understand breathing and the wider role of oxygen in our bodies, asanas and movement to increase circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, the role of the endocrine glands, how to regain their full functionality and cooperation, and much more. All this is delivered through the ancient science of yoga studied and researched in David's 5 decades of study.

As you begin to understand how our inner system works you will learn how to feel yourself at an energetic vibrational level and how to control the frequency of that vibration. Ultimately, you regain control over your body functions and subsequently your health. Learn more about the chakras here.


What’s included

o   Accommodation at Pyramid in one of our jungle bungalows

o   3 meals daily at The Third-Eye Lounge, except Saturday

o   Uniquely designed detox program

o   Unlimited fresh coconuts

o   2 asana practices per day

o   Daily meditation

o   Daily lectures and discussions on the chakras and how a
healthy body functions

o   Daily pranayama with one-on-one assistance to ensure
you are breathing properly

o   Private Psych-K session with Ti to reprogram your
subconscious mind

o   Private Yantra Cycle consultation with Dave

o   Ekadasi - a breathing technique which goes deeply into
the layers of the subconscious to clear out energy blockages
which remain unresolved

o   6 quantum light and sound healing sessions

o   Group discussion circles and conscious movie nights

o   Three 60min Thai massage on site

o   2 group dinners and 1 group outing

o   Cooking class

o   Boat tour around Ko Pha-Ngan

o   Scooter hire

o   Entry to ecstatic dance every Sunday

o   Filtered drinking water

o   Wi-fi

Sample Schedule

Monday to Friday

7:00am – 08:30am
Morning asana practice and meditation with David

09:30am – 11:00am
Lecture and pranayama

03:30pm – 05:00pm
Afternoon asana practice and meditation with Ti

06:30pm – 08:00pm
Movie night/group discussion/chanting

Investment: $6000

Early bird discount: $500 discount off all options closes March 31st.

$1000 deposit to secure a place.

Payment plan available. Please contact us to discuss.


Who is suitable?

This retreat has been designed for those who are looking to learn the fundamentals of yogic health and well-being. We welcome total beginners, seasoned yogis, and people who are looking to gain the knowledge and tools to heal themselves of an existing physical or mental illness/disease. Whether you are looking to simply deepen your understanding, or wanting to experience the healing powers of chakra yoga, this retreat is for you.

To apply, you will need to complete the application form so that we can have an understanding of your background and what you are hoping to achieve from your healing time with us!

This retreat is held in the beautiful jungle of the Pyramid Yoga Center so the terrains are natural and uneven. We are working on building ramps for disability access but these are yet to be available at this time.

Please note that we will hold space for you to do the work and empower you with the tools to heal yourself.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”
– Henry Ford

Being in an outdoor environment, close to the earth, barefoot in the sand, is a natural way to let go of your stress and help the whole body get back into a healthy flow.

Come and spend a month in the Thai Jungle of beautiful Koh Phangan. Surround yourself with pure air, clean food and unbelievable sunsets. The best part of all is that you get to immerse yourself not only in the energies of the chakras, but also the purity of nature. Pyramid Yoga is based high up on the top of an ocean facing jungle-grown mountain, with spectacular sounds, sights and smells throughout the property. You have full use of our spaces, including the two pyramid-shaped yoga studios, our sound temple, the restaurant and the jungle itself. We also host external events, so feel free to simply walk up to the big Pyramid for a weekly ecstatic dance, or perhaps sing along with the Kirtans. Our place is your place.


Your Health guides


Ti Lee

Ti is a practicing teacher currently based Melbourne, Australia. After discovering the power of Chakra Yoga in healing, she has been studying  and working closely with David in healing programs, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. Being drawn to the healing side of yoga and with a very compassionate heart for her students, Ti is motivated to help people find a healthy life for themselves. Read more about Ti here.


David Goulet

David is the founder of Pyramid Yoga and the principle teacher within the school. David will explain how the body works in simple layman's terms from physiology to body chemistry. He then teaches how to improve the performance of body systems through simple exercises and breathing techniques, while removing mental and emotional blockages that inhibit the normal healthy functions. Read more about David here.


Don't hesitate to ask any more questions through our contact page, the registration form or our Facebook page