Before we get into it, lets be sure to clearly make a distinction between the different healing programs and courses at Pyramid Yoga Center. Our Healer's course, and the page we are on now, refers to the last month of our Advanced Teacher Training Course (the 300Hr and 500Hr courses) in Chakra Yoga. David's systematic approach to yoga focuses much attention to the healing capabilities of yoga. The healing 'programs' refer to the actual healing work that David and our staff do with real patients suffering degenerative diseases whilst staying at Pyramid Yoga. They are referred to as programs because of the fundamental education and belief system changes that accompany this holistic approach to rediscovering ones health.

The Healer's Course

Please note: The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on our non-YAR credential or other qualification, and not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

David bases his therapeutic practices in yoga on his two years of studies in India with Dr. Swami Gitananda, and Dr. Ganapathy in 1971 and 72. During those years of training it was made clear that from the yogic perspective, "there is no such thing as an incurable disease." a quote from Swami Gitananda.

Over the decades David has successfully worked with several students who had cancer, some of them quite terminal, and found that the cancer went into remission very quickly with the application of techniques from Pranayama Yoga and Raja Yoga, with a foundation of movement and posture. He has since experienced the same results with Asthma, MS and Chronic Fatigue amongst others. Consequently he has designed a program for cancer remission, which can be applied to various degenerative diseases.

The Yoga Healing course is for those who have successfully completed our 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training and have an interest in applying the Science of Yoga as a method of promoting natural healing in themselves and others. The practices in healing have been developed over David's 47 years of yogic experience, and the successful results he has had in reversing degenerative and "incurable" diseases since his first cancer remission experience in 1978.

This 4-week program incorporates a detailed study of the Chakra system, wherein students further explore the individual Chakra energies, what functions they manifest in the body and mind. Through the study and practices of chakra physiology and psychology, students learn to recognize and respond to energy blockages and imbalances that have lead to illness and disease, or might do so in the future; so as such becomes preventive medicine. The study of the chakras goes into microscopic details that enable us to draw the lines between the dots of physiology, biology, chemistry (of body and mind), neurobiology, molecular configuration, vibration and quantum fields. All of which are separate fields in Western science, but all part of the unified reality, or the bigger picture, as understood in yoga. Let us remember Yoga means to unite.

At Pyramid Yoga we teach inner and outer balance as a vital aspect of working in a healing  capacity with others. As a major component of our Yoga Healing program, students are taught to assimilate the course content in an experiential manner and to create and maintain a strong hatha practice in conjunction with various detoxification and cleansing techniques, exercises of self observation and contemplation, as well as participation in group activities and class discussion. Through the awakening practices for the chakras, mind is empowered in its role as body supervisor, leading to advanced capabilities to deal with any type of disease. For students interested in going further with the healing we encourage them to join the Immuno-health Upgrade Program as an apprentice for guided hands on experience in real healing.

In the chakra yoga healing course, we present an in-depth view of body/mind chemistry: this requires a greater knowledge of  our own body chemistry, physiology, biology and an understanding of the energetic reality, which is the foundation of the chakra system. Mind and perception are the overall guiding forces of the energy world known in yoga as the chakras, so in Chakra Yoga, coming to this realization brings the empowerment to re-formulate our physical nature at the molecular level so as to bring about real and permanent healing. Body and brain chemistry are based on the 'real' world of physics, and that is based on Quantum Physics, which is the foundation of science in the West, as chakras are the foundation of the science of yoga in the East.

Topics Covered


The study of the individual chakra energies in relation to the human psyche. This goes into details of the characteristics and talents/skills manifested by each energy vortex, or inhibited by blockages. A profound understanding of the connection between thoughts, their influence on emotion and body condition is gained from this study.


The study of the individual Chakra energies in the context of their manifestation in the physical body. This study details the process humans go through from thoughts to energy to brain and body chemistry - to the functions of various glands and organs / or dis-functions.


Physical movements and exercises to stimulate circulation, energy flow and improve flexibility. We teach relevant asanas and variations for healing, including the lesser-known dandhals for empowerment and body-building. Rejuvenation techniques for each gland and organ are taught with emphasis on the endocrine system.


Conscious control of the breath through Yogic breathing with specific techniques that bring about balance and harmony in the mind and body.  with the addition of more advanced technique like Pancha Sahita for body system rejuvenation. We also teach how to teach healthy breathing practices which anyone can do.



The exploration of sound vibration by way of melody, intonation, pronunciation, rhythmic chanting and singing. The introduction of Quantum Sound Therapy for harmonization of cellular tune up is brought in to bring the cells of any given organ into harmonic resonance and thereby boost the healthy functioning as needed.


The cultivation and development of the mind through concentration, creative visualization and mandala gazing paired with sound and light. Here we focus our ability to use mind as the procreative force to unfold our healing capabilities. Raja means royal and the methods used to empower the human mind to its full potential for healing are cultivated.


Contemplation and relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system and rejuvenate the body and mind, creating space for meditational experience. We discuss Knowledge about the emotional aspects of our being and how much influence that has on states of mind - and health. Through awareness and introspection we can find the links from our emotional traumas to body condition and then apply techniques to correct the situation.


The Yantra used in this context brings in a chakra analysis to determine the strong and/or weak chakra energies, then design an appropriate routine of yoga technique to energize the weakened forces and balance all the energies for better health. The calendar system is explained in the light of which forces we have access to on each day, month and year, then how to utilize this information for healing.


A physical, mental and spiritual discipline for Empowerment, developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness through creating balance and higher voltage between the dual energies of the nervous system. The increased energy gained here can then be applied to healing.


Discussions surrounding the Philosophy and Science of Yoga and comparative studies of the Chakras. Scientific documentaries on modern research in connected fields of physics, biology, psychology, etc.


Spinal manipulations and therapies, alternative healing techniques, nutrition, diet & traditional cleansing practices. Add to this: directing energy flows for transference and healing in others.

In addition...

People taking the program for healing, and students learning about the program, there is a wealth of information coming from modern scientific research about the mind/body connection. This is shown through documentaries and reference books throughout the program or course.