This is a 1-month retreat, designed for re-educating your understanding of health and well-being, while activating the healing forces within the scope of degenerative diseases. Live in the jungle, thrive on fresh air and healthy organic food, and learn to empower your own complete health through yoga.

The yogic approach is not aimed at killing the dis-ease, but rather at empowering the entire lymphatic defence system. By such activation of our own white blood cells, the immune response is re-booted into its correct function – cleaning toxic materials, harmful bacteria or viruses out of the body. The re-programming of the intelligent white blood cells eliminates the confusion of lymphocytes that have turned to attack other body parts and functions.

The re-awakening of these corrected immune responses is accomplished by mental, emotional and physiological changes in each individual, through inner perception of what went wrong and why; factors that are not considered in Western medicine.

The retreat is not one of being healed, it is an educational program that teaches people about how the body emotions and mind are designed to work together, then exploring what went wrong by asking questions like:   

  • What part of the physical lifestyle is not supporting healthy functions?
  • Which emotional states are interfering with body chemistry?
  • What mental fears, beliefs and expectations are preventing the appropriate responses from the immune system?

The program was originally developed to send cancer into remission, but also tackles MS, thyroid problems (from Hashimotos’s to Goiters) and other endocrine dysfunctions, digestive system disorders, Parkinson's, psychosomatic issues, depression, chronic fatigue and more...

For those who have life threatening disorders we offer a separate guided healing program wherein you are personally guided through the physical, emotional and mental rebuilding of your life and into a new lifestyle of independent health.   Immuno-Health Upgrade   < click

During the course you will learn:

  • The fundamental causes of most dis-ease states.
  • The amazing capabilities of our auto immune system.
  • Differences between bacteria, friendly or infectious, and viruses.
  • How our system is designed to deal with them.
  • Degenerative diseases: their problems and solutions.
  • Basic physiology of breathing and the role of oxygen in healing.

  • Practical application of procedures to activate the breath and infuse the bloodstream with higher levels of oxygen.
  • Individual disempowerment due to out dated medical education.
  • Empowerment through Chakra Yoga.
    • Simple movement exercises that anyone can do.
    • Easy breathing techniques done in any posture.
  • Knowledge to build confidence in your own body’s healing capabilities.
  • Fundamentals of mind/body natural medicine.

If you are suffering from ill health and coming to this course for healing, you will receive:

  • Loving care
  • Individual attention as needed
  • Daily sessions in Quantum Sound Therapy
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Emotional release work

Clients are then taught how to target certain weakened glands or organs within themselves with specific breathing techniques, postures, movements, visualisations and harmonic sound frequencies.

By focusing on a specific gland, with a stream of oxygen going to it (and prana/chi), stimulation of the cells within the gland is triggered, and as they come back into balanced activity they help the gland to produce whatever hormone, neuro-peptide or enzyme the body needs at any particular time.

Mentally, one envisions a geometric pattern which is known to be a molecular blueprint for the cellular structure of that gland.

The sounds formulas used are harmonic frequencies that resonate the molecular components back into a signature song, to create optimal performance, as expressed in the vibrational equations of Yantra Yoga.

The ‘feeling’ of the vibration creates an emotional experience which we perceive as pleasure. With a certain amount of practice time the pleasure becomes more enjoyable, and joy is now known to enhance the immune response while obviously making us happy.

Our undivided attention brings all these aspects of the illusion together, uniting them into a multi-dimensional experience of yoga, the unifying field of life.

This program is a residential one month practice, focused and directed with individually prescribed techniques.

Please note that accommodation and food is not included with the price of the program. We have many accommodation options for you on-site, so check out the link in the accommodation button below.

If you are looking to join the course, please be in contact through the contact us page where you can let us know any special information and accommodation requests.