Sharing Chakra Yoga with the world

At Pyramid Yoga Center, we run multiple courses throughout the year in Thailand with the occasional course held in the Philippines. These courses are based on the strong foundations of Chakra Yoga that David has built over a lifetime of study and practice.

The most beneficial way to learn and immerse yourself in this knowledge is through our 8 week, 500HR Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by The Yoga Alliance. Over 500 students have graduated from Pyramid Yoga over the years and they now spread this ancient knowledge throughout yoga studios, healing centers and conversations around the world. A huge portion of our new students have come to us because they were inspired by Chakra Yoga teachers at these other locations.

Reconnect and Restore

10 day yoga, detox, and holistic wellness retreat
6th - 15th Jan, 2020


Here at Pyramid Yoga Center, we design our retreats and classes  to provide you with the perfect environment for your spiritual and physical growth.

This 10 day retreat is suitable for all levels and supports a holistic wellness experience that harmonizes body, mind and spirit. It has been developed by yoga teachers who are not only passionate about yoga but more importantly demonstrate how yoga can become a way of life and be used as a prevention and healing tool for multiple dis “eases” in the body.

300HR Teacher Training with   David Goulet

Duration: 5 weeks
Next course: Oct 1st - Nov 1st, 2019


This Teacher Training course with David Goulet is 5 weeks long. Successful students will be awarded a 300HR Chakra Yoga certificate, as well as a RYT200 accreditation through the Yoga Alliance. 

The course consists of the 9 different forms of yoga integrated in the Chakra Yoga course. Daily practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, yantra, raja and karma yoga are complimented by individual study and contemplation, systematic methods of concentration, meditation and more.

500HR Teacher Training with   David Goulet

Duration: 8 weeks
Next course: Oct 1st - Nov 22nd, 2019


This course continues on after the 300HR course has completed. Successful students will be awarded a 500HR certificate through the Yoga Alliance.

The course also continues with the 9 different forms of yoga integrated in the Chakra Yoga course, but dives deeper into your personal experience and understanding. 

External courses & events

Often we have workshops and other events at Pyramid, hosted by external guests or past students. This can include teacher training courses, massage courses, tantra workshops, contact dancing, ecstatic dancing and so much more.  Visit our Facebook page for updates or contact us directly.

General & advanced courses

We also host many other courses when the demand reaches a certain threshold, such as level 2 Chakra Immersion (an advanced course for past 500HR students), as well as chakra-based healing courses, 4 week intensives and more. Please get in touch if you would like more information.