Pyramid Yoga is a retreat center with a focus on yoga, healing, and education. We host many different retreats, yoga teacher trainings, workshops and events. Located on the beautiful Thai Island of Koh Phangan, our center was created in 2002 and is still run by David Goulet; the inspired yogi that has spent almost 5 decades studying, researching and practicing the science of Chakra Yoga and ancient Indian techniques he originally discovered in the early 70's.




Residential training courses

Pyramid Yoga Center has a long and successful history of delivering courses to those who come seeking more from their life. David presents Chakra Yoga (a system of yoga originally learned in the 70's) to students through a variety of courses and training events. We offer everything from small workshops up to month-long immersions and the 12 week, 500Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course.



Host your own Yoga teacher training or Yoga retreat in Thailand

Our retreat center is available to rent and host your own residential courses or Yoga TTC. We have extensive facilities at your disposal with packages and pricing able to be tailored to your individual needs.  



Educational Healing

Pyramid Yoga hosts a variety of courses and personalized healing solutions for you to learn and integrate this ancient knowledge into your modern life. Whether you are looking to heal yourself from disease, educate (or re-educate yourself) on the fundamentals of our mind and body through a course, or to simply breathe the pure jungle air and take some time out for yourself, we have it here.

We have many years of experience and success treating disease, with multiple cases of sending 'terminal diseases' back into remission. Traditionally at Pyramid we have had much success treating cancer, but the programs have proven effective on a host of different ailments.



Merge with mother nature...

Pyramid Yoga Center sits high up on the mountains surrounded by fresh air, jungles and beautiful views. It is a retreat center built to fully submerse our students and guests in a peaceful environment for practice, healing, or just relaxing from the busy world in which we live.

We offer an unparalleled property with two amazing yoga studios, a sound temple, restaurant, and a wide variety of accommodation.




Live in the jungle

We offer a variety of lodging options including dorm-style beds, outdoor gazebos, single ensuite bungalows and a large kitchenette bungalow with ensuite bathroom. 




Healing, detox or simple yoga retreats

At Pyramid, we hold our own retreats & Yoga TTC's as well as holding the space for others to host their own. Our shorter retreat experiences allow you to be immersed in the jungle, with daily yoga classes and access to a healthy vegetarian food, massage and alternative therapies, whilst also providing you with all the space needed to simply be yourself.

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About David

Since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972, David has continued his personal and professional pursuit of the yogic lifestyle as an international Yoga Teacher, Healer and Founder of numerous Retreat Centers.




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